Rastak Ensemble

“Rastak” means a newly born plant that grows at the bottom of the tree, in Farsi. Sometimes it grows taller and stronger than the main tree itself. So, it can be interpreted like a plant that has its roots in the ground, containing all the essential elements of life, when it is fully grown. We as Rastak band, like the “Rastak” natural process, have borrowed the background of our music from the roots of history and culture. We have been using ethnic based music with our own specific arrangement to be able to connect with a greater range of the audience from all over the world, for years.

Rastak is one of the most well-known bands in Iranian contemporary folk music which formed as an experimental music group in 1997. The group seeks to collect, record, and interpret Iranian folk music for a global audience, incorporating language, culture and history merging traditional instruments and forms with contemporary rhythms.

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