Arian Bathaie

currently studying management at the University of Toronto, and I am specialising in finance. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by the feelings facilitated by looking and embracing art–and since my mother was, and still is, an amazing artist, I had the privilege to experience those feelings first-hand. My passion for art is immeasurable, and I have always been dazzled by artists and their creation–so much so that I took over the responsibility to build my mother’s artistic brand, known as Lemarsis Design Inc., which resulted in the creation of its website and other social platforms. I also always believed that art is never too much, so I decided to work in another art-based position at the University of Toronto; I am currently a research assistant aiding a team constructed of dozens researchers, professos, Phd students and other people I can look up to. I am currently helping my colleagues create a database of thousands of ancient Ethiopian manuscripts, books and textiles–some of which are over 3,000 years old. I am also helping in creating a website that accompanies this database, so that the general public and other researchers can access it, and empower themselves with valuable knowledge and history. I always enjoyed transferring my knowledge about anything to others–which is why I am very excited to work with Tirgan and its dedicated team of professionals to help children learn the delight otherwise known as pottery!

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